Here at we only provide the best of the best brands in the generator industry to uphold our fundamental values, and Perkins generators have never let us down once. They follow the same module as ours and provide top-notch quality generators all around the world. Operating for over 88 years, They have established themselves in every corner of the world. They’ve made more than a whopping 22 million engines and their customers are in an ideal position to take advantage of a heritage of engineering excellence, as well as exceptional reliability and lower noise levels across their comprehensive product range.

We work closely with you to understand your challenges and requirements for parts, aftercare, and maintenance so we can significantly reduce your downtime – enabling you to maximize the return on your investment.

Product support excellence is a fundamental part of our brand value offering a quick, proactive response to our customers. We have diesel generators and generators spare parts as well. We provide you with the lowest price generators. The Perkins soundproof generators are the best generators for your home or office as they are available in many different sizes, suitable to your needs. Our range starts from 20 and goes up 500 KVA. We have 20, 30, 40, 60, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, and leading all the way up to 500KVA generators.

Perkins generators are available in more than 176 countries having more than 3,500 outlets. This gives you access to over 40,000 fully guaranteed Perkins genuine parts and Perkins Generators maintenance. We provide generators services as well and our Perkins generators price in Pakistan is the lowest in the region as well. We are basically an online Perkins generators shop!

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Perkins 100KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator

GENERATOR MODEL:       P 100 Frequency/Speed – Voltage   50HZ/1500RPM-230/400V Prime Power 100 KVA 80 KW Standby Power 110 KVA 88

Perkins 15KVA Soundproof Diesel Generators


Perkins 15 kva

Perkins engines are compact, efficient power, quality by design and cost effective power with low noise and low fuel consumption. Our generators whether powered by naturally aspirated or turbo charge engines provide economic and durable operation offering the ideal characteristics for electrical power generation.

Perkins 20KVA Soundproof Diesel Generators

GENERATOR MODEL: P 20 Frequency/Speed – Voltage Prime Power 20 KVA 16 KW Standby Power 22 KVA 17.6 KW PERKINS

Perkins 27KVA Soundproof Diesel Generators

27 kVA Diesel Generator with Perkins Engine Completion: Generating Set: portable Gen Set: baseframe Technical Data Engine: Engine Manufacturer: Perkins

Perkins 30KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator

GENERATOR MODEL: P 30 Frequency/Speed -Voltage 50HZ/1500RPM-230/400V Prime Power 30 KVA 24 KW Standby Power 33 KVA 24.4 KW  

Perkins 45KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator

GENERATOR MODEL: P 45 Frequency/Speed -Voltage 50HZ/1500RPM-230/400V Prime Power 45 KVA 36 KW Standby Power 50 KVA 40 KW PERKINS

Perkins 60KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator

  Frequency/Speed – Voltage   50HZ/1500RPM-230/400V Prime Power 60 KVA 48 KW Standby Power 65 KVA 52.8 KW Features: